FMCG importers face a minefield of FMCG challenges. Knowing how FMCG companies work, helps you plan better and make better decisions. 

It is tricky doing business in the FMCG space. Businesses face a minefield of FMCG challenges. Knowing how FMCG companies work helps you plan better and make better decisions.

Three typical FMCG challenges.

  1. Product expiry dates

    FMCG products have a relatively short shelf life. The export team you partner with must ensure quick delivery. The products must also have the longest possible shelf-life. IOEC is South Africa’s largest FMCG food and beverages exporter to non-neighbouring countries. IOEC provides the following solutions to the product expiry date challenge: 
  • IOEC does not hold stock. IOEC sources products directly from leading FMCG manufacturers. The FMCG items you order have been freshly delivered to IOEC from factories. 
  • IOEC lists comprehensive details of over 100 000 FMCG products on our digital ordering platform, Gateway. Gateway enables business owners like you to choose products with a reasonably long shelf life. 
  • IOEC’s container consolidation service means you can order smaller quantities of FMCG products and replenish them frequently with fresh stock. 
  1. Compliance with import regulations

    Different countries have different FMCG import requirements. Products could be quarantined or even destroyed on arrival if requirements are not met. IOEC has an inhouse compliance team. IOEC engages with clients and authorities in over 50 countries to determine the requirements for each product. IOEC then produces the necessary documentation. IOEC designs and prints bespoke labels that list the required product information. IOEC then applies the labels to each product. 

IOEC can print labels to include details, including:

  • Language translations
  • Importer details 
  • Weight and volumes
  • Nutritional information 
  • Best Before dates 
  • Servings 
  • Colourants
  • Flavourings
  • Allergens 
  • Percentage of alcohol
  1. Reliable supply of quality products

    This is a major challenge for FMCG businesses. Many fly-by-night FMCG export companies lack the necessary resources, facilities, and experience. IOEC is a 50-year-old family-owned and run business. FMCG businesses in over 50 countries partner with IOEC because: 
  • IOEC are experts in providing a reliable supply of products direct from leading South African FMCG manufacturers. 
  • IOEC has 100 team members who specialise in every area of the export process, to minimise risk. 
  • IOEC leverages technology to simplify the export process for clients and offer greater transparency. IOEC’s digital platform, Gateway, gives clients bespoke price lists. Clients can also track their orders in real time on Gateway.

If you are an established FMCG business that needs help navigating tricky FMCG challenges, contact IOEC today. We have built partnerships across borders since 1972, with award-winning results.