The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) business is complex. Many factors determine success. These factors include: understanding how FMCG distribution works and how to optimise your FMCG ordering cycle.

Award-winning FMCG distribution.

IOEC is a leading FMCG distributor based in South Africa. We have five decades of award-winning experience in FMCG distribution. Our team introduces, manages, and develops leading FMCG brands in over 50 countries.

Ways to improve your FMCG ordering cycle.

These practical guidelines can enhance your FMCG ordering cycle.

Think ahead. Plan ahead:

FMCG shipments can be delayed for many reasons. FMCG shipments can be delayed by: 

  • COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions
  • Poor weather
  • Logistical challenges at ports
  • Incorrect import documentation 
  • Incorrect export documentation

You could end up waiting days or even months for your FMCG shipment to arrive. Delays like this have forced FMCG businesses to rethink ordering cycles. It is best to place your orders with an FMCG distributor earlier than usual. This way you can ensure your shelves are always stocked. There is nothing more frustrating to customers than a “This item is out of stock” message. They are guaranteed to shop elsewhere.

Always have a backup order:

If the items you need are not available at the time of loading, an alternate list of FMCG items can be used to fill your container. This way, your FMCG shipment will leave on time. 

Do your compliance homework:

When introducing new FMCG products to your market, engage with local authorities first to ensure your products comply with import regulations. If your products are not compliant, speak to your FMCG supplier. There may be a way to assess and confirm that your products can be made compliant before placing your orders.  

Often, it is simply a matter of reprinting product labels, whereby the labels list the correct details required by your country. IOEC has advanced labelling capabilities that meet regulations in over 50 countries. We print labels to include, among others:

  • Language translations
  • Importer details 
  • Weight and volumes 
  • Nutritional info
  • Percentage of alcohol 
  • BB dates
  • Servings

Be smart about your ordering cycles:

Avoid ordering FMCG products that have strong odours (such as detergents), at the same time as items that could potentially absorb the smells (for instance, breakfast cereals). You may need to plan for two ordering cycles to allow for containers not affecting each other. This can save you time, money, and damaged goods.

Partner with a reputable export company:

A great FMCG distribution partner is:

  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Experienced 
  • Excellent at communication
  • Well established, and has existing relationships with all key manufacturers 

A professional, experienced FMCG distributor:

  • Helps you plan better by communicating with you every step of the way. You can effectively plan ordering cycles if you know when your FMCG products will arrive. IOEC clients track shipments in real-time on our digital and ordering platform, Gateway. Our IOEC clients also connect with our team via live chats.  
  • Allows you to effectively manage costs. Gateway offers bespoke price lists tailored to your preferences. 
  • Facilitates excellent relationships with customers. Build a loyal customer base with a fresh supply of products, well-stocked shelves, and new products to trial. IOEC’s 17 Business Development Managers specialise in international brand management and development.

IOEC is family-owned and run. IOEC has extensive experience in FMCG distribution and international brand development across 50 countries. Contact us today to improve your FMCG ordering cycle.