IOEC is South Africa’s largest FMCG food and beverages exporter to non-neighbouring countries. Our experience as an FMCG export company spans 50 years. IOEC introduces, manages, and develops leading brands across 50 international markets, and more.

What does FMCG stand for?

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are also known as consumer-packaged goods. They are products that sell quickly and at a relatively low cost.

At IOEC, we consider FMCG to be anything that is presented in retail-ready packaging, ready to be placed on store shelves. 

Examples of FMCG products.

FMCG are items you would find in a typical supermarket. Some examples include:

  • Foods: groceries, confectionery, and snacks.
  • Fresh produce: fruit, vegetables, meat, and poultry.
  • Beverages: hot and cold drinks, and alcoholic beverages.  
  • Personal care items: baby care, skincare, feminine hygiene, and deodorants. 
  • Home care items: detergents, washing powders, and insecticides. 
  • Stationery.
  • Plastic ware.
  • Glassware. 
  • Basic electrical goods such as kettles, irons, and microwaves.
  • Pet food and pet accessories. 

Our commitment to ensuring South African products reach international shores.

IOEC is a family-owned and operated FMCG food and beverage exporter. IOEC is committed to introducing, managing, and developing FMCG products abroad in the following ways: 

Investment in human capital: IOEC has the largest export team in South Africa. More than 100 people are dedicated to the FMCG export process. Our IOEC team includes: 

  • 14 procurement experts. IOEC sources the best FMCG products at the most competitive prices.
  • A 30-strong logistics division. IOEC handles all aspects of the export process, including clearing and forwarding.
  • 17 Business Development Managers and 7 Key Account Managers. The IOEC team is made up of experts in international brand management and development.  
  • An inhouse IOEC software development team. 
  • An inhouse IOEC marketing division.
  • An experienced IOEC warehouse team. 

Investment in software: Gateway, our inhouse-designed digital platform, manages all elements of the FMCG export process. Gateway is a game-changer in the industry, because: 

  • You can order leading FMCG brands on your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet, and track progress in real-time. 
  • You have access to over 100 000 products. 
  • You get tailored price lists based on your unique preferences, including currency, container type and pallet configuration. 
  • You can communicate with our team in real-time. 

Investment in specialised warehousing and training: IOEC provides the following warehouse services:

  • Customised labels ensure products comply with international requirements. Our bespoke labels meet regulations in over 50 countries.    
  • Professionally packaged products. Our skilled warehouse team ensures products can withstand the rigours of international shipping, such as damage through spillage, heat or products being crushed. 
  • Container consolidation. IOEC combines a number of smaller orders from various suppliers or manufacturers into a single container for shipment. 

Personalised relationships: IOEC values relationships above everything else.  

  • IOEC does not generalise or offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our IOEC team takes the time to understand your business challenges. IOEC enables you to order the products you need in the quantities you want. IOEC grows your business through brand development. Everything IOEC does is tailored to your unique needs.
  • Our Business Development Managers make over 250 country visits each year. IOEC meets with clients in over 50 countries and gathers market intelligence.
  • Our IOEC marketing division leverages country-specific market insights to drive awareness and sales.

If you are an FMCG business owner who is looking for an experienced, long-term partnership across borders, contact IOEC today.