IOEC exports an extensive range of food and beverage products. The majority of our business is in full container loads from single suppliers.

Additionally we have been focusing on the more complicated and challenging role of being an effective “mixed container ”operator with several suppliers represented in each container. Areas of particular focus are:

  1. Shortest possible turnaround time from the time of order to the shipment of containers.
  2. Effective packaging of containers to avoid wasted space and/ or damaged product.
  3. Freshest products with the longest possible expiry dates.

Our recently launched “Gateway” Project is an exciting development in this aspect of our trade. (Please refer to the page on Gateway)

Fresh fruit and veg:
IOEC supplies our clients with the freshest and highest standard of fruit and vegetables available in South Africa. Exported primarily from the Cape, we offer our clients fresh fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis at competitive prices.

One of our fastest growing product categories is South African Wines. Their value and quality versus international competition is unquestionable and with South African Wines becoming more fashionable, we see wines becoming one of our principle exports. We have developed an extensive network of suppliers in order to be able to cater for every customer's requirements, from entry level to premium wines, all with exceptional value for money.
We have also invested in Cool Climate wine farms and a winery “La Vierge”. These farms will supply some of our needs into the future.

We have a strong and long standing relationship with the SAB MILLER group, the second largest brewing company in the world, who we represent in certain Indian Ocean Islands. In this market we strive to deliver a high standard of service and to continue building these strong brands.

Canned Fruit and Vegetables:
Most of our canned goods come from the Cape region, with its reputation for exceptionally quality. Brands such as Koo, All Gold, Goldcrest etc leverage this quality in order to quickly create a strong foothold in the markets to which they are exported.

Toiletries and Household items:
IOEC has developed strong commercial and personal ties with many of South Africa's leading manufacturers in the toiletries and household goods sector, and export their products to our various markets. We offer an extensive range of products catering for domestic and commercial use.

Indian Ocean Exports Company are one of the largest confectionary traders to the Indian Ocean Islands. We offer a broad range of biscuits, sweets and baking aids.