Indian Ocean Export Company is an established, market leading export company focussed on developing local brands in international markets. We ship our range of products by sea, air and road.

Our procurement department comprises of specialised individuals experienced in their fields and in the products and services they manage. This ensures that our suppliers experience focussed, relevant and professional feedback, and can discuss brand activations and strategies on a per market basis.

The Business Development Managers each manage specific regions to which they travel on a regular basis, becoming specialists in those markets. Through regular face to face meetings, they establish and maintain special, long term relationships with our valued clients, and provide in-market feedback to our suppliers.

Our specialised shipping and logistics department, comprising of export co-ordinators and managers, handle all aspects of the export process, from costings through to ordering, booking and all documentation.

The fully-fledged accounting department takes care of all supplier payments and client receipts, as well as handling any issues regarding credit facilities and foreign exchange transactions.

Our business development managers take brands to market and play an active role in ensuring their success. In a world increasingly full of soft approaches, one of our key strengths is in our ability to sit face to face with our suppliers and clients regularly, gaining personal insight into their business and ensuring focus on the products we carry.
Please see our products page for more information.

In addition to our role as development managers for specific markets, we act as an outsourced export division for many branded companies in specific regions or markets.
We can consolidate orders from all over the world, greatly reducing the complexity of orders placed on suppliers.

We provide a streamlined and structured approach to the increasing number of international enquiries and orders received by any successful brand-owner today. Each enquiry is evaluated based on feedback from the potential client and followed through to conclusion.

Using our warehousing facilities in all major centres in South Africa, we can receive and split deliveries between any numbers of clients at a time.

It is not always convenient to order full containers from any individual supplier. We receive products directly from over 400 manufacturers in South Africa and consolidate them into individual containers in our warehouse facilities in Durban, Joburg and Cape Town.
Our services include :

• Inkjet of date codes,
• Design, print and affix stickers for ingredients or importer details
• Reshrink cases
• Individual per SKU check of best before dates

In many of our niche markets, there is a role for us as commodity traders.  We trade sugar, cooking oil, wheat flour, meat, steel and cement to several international markets.